Too Powerful To Fail

By Steve Hatherley

In the current rules, there's a 1 in 12 change of rolling 11 or 12 and your attack becoming a failure. In my experience, the dice are rolled three or four times by each player in a typical game of INWO. So failure is a big deal - particularly when it's so random. (If the dice were rolled more often, it would be less of an issue.)

So we’re now playing that an attack with a target number (the number you have to roll equal to or under) of 15 succeeds if you roll an 11, and if you can get the target number to 23, then it’s an automatic success.

In order to give the defense a (teeny) chance of success, the only way an attack with a target number of 23 or more can fail is to roll a 13 - which is only possible through sneakiness and abilities. If you’re going to put that amount of effort into it, you ought to be able to block any attack. And similarly, we now allow a sneaky way for very weak attacks to succeed.


  • If the attack target number is 15 or less when you roll the dice, then failure only occurs on a 12. Rolling an 11 means the attack succeeds.
  • If the attack target number is 23 or less, then it’s an automatic success unless you roll a 13 in which case the attack fails.
  • If the attack target number is 1 or less, then it’s an automatic failure unless you roll a 1, in which case the attack succeeds..

So the only way that an attack with power 23 can fail is for the attacker to roll 12 (or have Murphy’s Law played on him) and the die roll then be modified (eg with WITCH). And the only way for a very low attack to succeed is to roll a 2 (or play Bribery) and then modify the die roll downwards.


The meta-rule about impossible die-rolls no longer applies to attacks.

Should Murphy’s Law become an “automatic failure” card? After all, dice are rarely rolled at other times - the only time ML is played is during an attack. But to balance that you might want to make Bribery an automatic success instead. (I’m happy with both cards, although I’d delete the third sentence on Bribery (the one that starts “If it was an attack, it succeeds only if…”.)


  • St. Janor Hypercleats - don't use.


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