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Illuminati: New World Order (INWO for short) is the trading card version of the Illuminati game by Steve Jackson Games. INWO was published in 1994, at the height of the collectible card game frenzy. INWO was followed by Assassins and a stand-alone expansion, SubGenius.

This is wiki dedicated to INWO. We love the game. It’s deeply flawed, but we love it anyway.

Here you’ll find strategies, variants, card ideas and links to all the other INWO resources we can find.

Strategy - dirty tricks and other sneakiness.

Variants - ideas for house rules and different ways to play INWO.

Other articles - articles discussing every aspect of INWO minutae that you can think of - and some you can’t.

Cards - stacks upon stacks of hombrew cards.

Links - sites that didn’t fit in anywhere else.

Forum - the INWO wiki's own discussion forum. (You need to have signed up to wikidot to post to the forum.)

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