Solo 28

Rules for playing Plan 28 solo.

Summary of how it works: You play against a single opposing Illuminati. You play as normal, while the game is programmed to play in a certain way.

Setup: Setup exactly as normal. The game:

  • Chooses whatever is the default starting group for that deck. If a duplicate is revealed, you must change your starting group but the game does not change its starting group.
  • In Media Res - just take a random Resource, a group with power 3-4 and two groups with power 1-2 power. (Don’t deal yourself and the game four cards and choose two - just go with four cards randomly chosen.)

General concepts:

  • The game gets no action tokens.
  • The game draws one group card and three plot cards each turn.
  • The game has two automatic takeovers each turn.
  • The game will play certain plot cards.
  • The game tends to ignore Resources.
  • Each deck you play against will have specific solo instructions.
  • The game has an unlimited plot card hand (although it will play certain cards).
  • The game always interferes with your attacks with its Illuminati.
  • As soon as you pass, it passes.

Playing Solo 28

Start of the turn: The game turns over one Group card and three Plots. All cards are faceup.

For it’s moves, the game will (in this order if possible):

  • Make an automatic takeover of the group with the highest power in the uncontrolled area. If there is no valid group, then make an automatic takeover of a Resource (from hand first, then from the Uncontrolled Area). Where possible, it will look to maximise any power bonus.
  • Make another automatic takeover (as the previous action).
  • Play an Assassination on one of your Personalities, boosted by the most powerful group if possible. (If it has a +10 card that could be played, it will use that.)
  • Play a Disaster on one of your Places.
  • Play a NWO from its hand.
  • Play a power booster (eg Nobel Peace Prize) on a legal target in its own power structure that gives it the best power increase.
  • Attack a group in hand or the uncontrolled area (only if it has a +10 in hand and an outgoing free control arrow).
  • If it doesn’t have a free outgoing control arrow of the appropriate alignment, it will spend a move to move one group to create an outgoing arrow.
  • If the game can do nothing else, it will draw a card from its group deck and when that runs out draw cards from the uncontrolled deck.
  • As soon as you pass, it passes (immediately ending the turn).


  • Disasters: If there are several targets it will choose the one that gives the most advantageous dice roll. It will not play the card if the dice roll is impossible.
  • Assassinations: If possible it will add the power of the most powerful appropriate group. If it has a relevant +10, it will play it. If there are several targets it will choose the one that gives the most advantageous dice roll. It will not play the card if the dice roll is impossible.
  • Attacks by the game: If the game has a +10 in its hand, it will make an attack to control the group with the highest power in the uncontrolled area or its hand. The attack will be from a group than can use the +10 and aided by its Illuminati. It will only make one attack per turn.
  • Attacks by you: Any attack you make is automatically interfered with by the opposing Illuminati - unless your attack is Privileged.
  • Automatic Takeovers: New groups will be placed as close to the controlling Illuminati as possible, keeping as many free open control arrows as possible.
  • Scoring: The game scores as normal - count number of groups and any goals achieved.

Specific cards

Orbital Mind Control Lasers - if the game controls the OMCLs then it uses them at the end of the game to add an alignment to one of its own groups if it needs it for a goal. Otherwise it removes one of your groups if you need it for a goal. This doesn’t require an action. Otherwise it doesn’t use the OMCLs. (It doesn’t use the OMCLs during the game.)

Specific Deck Notes

Bermuda - the game will play all alignment changers (Kinder and Gentler, etc) once it’s played all the power boosters. It plays alignment changers on its own groups that do not have the opposing alignment (both otherwise it doesn’t matter).


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