Steve Hatherley

It doesn’t feel right playing INWO with Saddam Hussein or Ronald Reagan or Pincess Di, so here’s the rule we use:

You cannot play a Personality that is dead in real life except through a card or ability that explicitly allows dead Personalities to be played. Fictional Personalities never start the game dead (even if they have been killed off in fiction).

As I write this, the dead Personalities are:

  • Jimmy Hoffa (Even though he went missing, he has been declared legally dead, which is good enough for me. You can choose differently. And of course, he'd been declared legally dead before INWO was published.)
  • Princess Di
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Saddam Hussein.

Fictional characters:

  • Count Dracula
  • Elvis (It’s that or declare him dead, which you’re entitled to do if you want to.)
  • General Disorder
  • Gordo Remora
  • Lamaramadingdong
  • And all of the SubGenius Personalities

Returning dead Personalities to play

At the moment, these are your options if you want to play Saddam Hussein or any of the real-life dead Personalities:

  • Clone - provided that you interpret “Assassinated” to mean “dead”, which doesn’t seem unreasonable.
  • Clone Arrangers - not strictly permitted under the current wording, but I would change the first sentence to “Gives +4 on any attempt to control a Personality (even a dead one) by replacing them with a clone.” This would include previously Assassinated Personalities (in the event that the Clone Arrangers happened to have a copy of that Personality), in which case they would no longer count as destroyed.
  • Head in a Jar - I would allow this to be played on dead characters, you’d need to play the Head in a Jar when you take over the dead Personality (from your hand). The Personality would never be able to control any other groups.

Or you just let them rest in peace.


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