Print your own INWO cards

Steve Hatherley

I’ve been playing around with using Superior POD to create INWO cards. Here are some thoughts:

  • I’ve used Superior POD because they let you create small batches of completely customisable poker cards (fronts and backs). While I’ve bought stuff from Artscow I can’t see that they’re as flexible. There are other POD providers out there. (I’d quite like to try one in the UK to cut down on shipping costs.)
  • I used Scribus (free open source layout software) to lay out my cards. I’m not a graphic designer but I found Scribus really easy to use, with lots of online help.
  • I’ve attached templates for groups, resources and NWOs, plus a general black background if you want to have a go yourself.
  • For artwork I’ve used either photographs I’ve taken myself, or I’ve just grabbed stuff from the Internet. When taking images from the Internet you need to make sure they are big enough - so I use the Google image search filtered on “large”, which is usually enough.
  • The downside of taking images from the Internet is that although they can look great, they are someone else’s copyright so I don’t want to publish them on the Internet.
  • The cards themselves are slightly bigger than standard INWO cards, so they’re not easy to shuffle. That’s not a problem for me as I’m using them in an Uncontrolled Deck - and they look fine when they are in play in a power structure. (I’ve not tried sleeving them, which might be an option.)

The card above is my first attempt at a Resource. The card is actually from Scribus - the printed card has rounded corners. The purple I used in this is a bit dark; I’ve since changed to a lighter shade.


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