My own Home brew (Hic!)

A few cards that I originally sent in to SJGames for their 1996 INWO Card Design Competition, all updated and made spiffy with today's modern technology 'n that.
The idea of the Technomagi comes from Babylon 5; a group of beings that use science & technology to create the illusion of magic. This Illuminati group uses Science, Magic and Computers for their plans of world domination.
The OMNI are an Illuminati that base their plans on religious manipulation - in other words, Churches. 'Omni' is latin for 'all', as in omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient - all features of gods. It is also INWO upside-down (coincidentally — NOT). Note their symbol incorporates A and Ω - alpha and omega - the beginning and the end - again, symbols for God.
Area 51 is a new card, not entered in the 1996 competition. (Too powerful, d'ya think?)
There was no way that the KGB weren't gonna be included in my game.
Yeah, Lech Walesa may not be as powerful as he once was, but then neither are Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan or Saddam Hussein. (Ooo, tasteless? Too soon?)
The Oil Supertanker Captains comes as an idea from the original Chrisopher Reeve Superman 3 movie; all the oil supertankers are sent to the middle of the Atlantic so as to starve the world's companies of crude oil.
Private Detective Agencies was originally called The Pinkerton National Detective Agency (back in '96) but I decided to change it to something a bit more general. BTW, check out the logos, both new and old, for Pinkertons
Something to get rid of those pesky blood-suckers…
The LHC is a new one too, not entered into the 1996 comp.
Mount Rushmore started out as a Group [Place] card, but I decided it would be better as a Resource (which explains why the text box is pink instead of purple. D'Oh!)
The Number 23 is also a new card, not entered in the 1996 competition.
Space Race actually won me a Third Place Prize (see Pyramid Magazine #23)
Those who know their INWO cards will recognize the Global Economic Recession graphic as an adaptation of the special promo card, Pyramid Marketing Schemes.
Bruno is a character in Pyramid magazine that pokes gentle(!) fun at the world of RPGs and card games. The graphic is taken from Pyramid magazine #12.
CONspiracy was a German INWO/Magic convention. The card was only available in German, so here is one for you in English - translation courtesy if SJGames.
Easter Island was created by Matt Savage, which won one of two First Place prizes in that competition (it appeared in Pyramid magazine #21).
Search Engines was created by Chris Goodwin and appears on the SJGames forum under the heading '*HOME-BREW INWO CARDS* (IDEAS/HELP)*'.
The first two cards appeared in Pyramid magazine #12 and were created by Keith Spears (IfAWD) and Michael Nelson (HCS). Later on Pyramid had to explain that they are not official cards, but they're just too good not to play with, aren't they?
Unconstitutional! was originally a promo card for use in Illuminati, but it converts so well to the INWO CCG.

The Corrections
It's been pointed out that there are a couple of errors in my posted cards…
Oil Supertanker Captains had Attributes in the corner; Mount Rushmore's text box was pink, instead of purple. Oopsy!


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