Four Turn INWO

Steve Hatherley

We’ve had a couple of games recently that have ended in stalemates. And I was playing Troyes recently and it occurred to me that many other games are simply played over a series of turns (rather than a race to be first) and I wondered what INWO would look like if played that way.


Play for four complete turns and determine victory at the end. Victory points are determined by totalling your victory point total as follows:

  • One point for each group in your power structure.
  • Up to three bonus points for any groups that count double towards the basic goal (eg, Network, Discordia, etc)
  • Three bonus points if you have achieved your Illuminated goal (Bermuda, Bavaria, etc)
  • Up to three bonus points for Hermes, Cthulhu, SubGenius

Additionally, for each goal or rival Illuminati card card you have in hand:

  • Three bonus points if you achieved that goal card.
  • Up to three bonus points for any groups that count double towards the basic goal (Criminal Overlords etc).
  • As many bonus points you would have received if you had been playing that rival Illuminati.

If there is a tie, the Illuminati with the most groups wins. If there is still a tie, the Illuminati with the greatest overall power in its power structure wins. If there is still a tie, the victory is shared.

An example

At the end of turn four, Bermuda Triangle has 14 groups (including itself), all the alignments and 51 power. Bermuda reveals the Criminal Overlords goal and the Bavarian Illuminati from its hand. It’s final victory point total is 22:

  • 14 points (1 for each group in Bermuda’s power structure)
  • 3 points (Bermuda’s Illuminated goal)
  • 2 points (Criminal Overlords - Mafia and Semiconscious Liberation Army)
  • 3 points (Bavaria)

If Bermuda also had Corporate Masters in hand, it would gain another point (for CFL-AIO). If it had the Network, it would gain another victory point for Japan.

Cards affected:

  • Do not use Power for It’s Own Sake, Corporate Masters or Hail Eris. (Instead use their respective Illuminati - that way if you need to use the card for something else (eg an agents card), you can.)
  • Arise just doesn’t work. Don’t use it.
  • The UFOs goal needs amending. We have changed it to: “At the start of the game hide a goal card (or rival Illuminati) under the UFOs. This is your Illuminated goal and is not considered part of your hand.” (See also Pointless INWO Rules.)


  • This makes power structures much larger - by the end of turn four it isn’t unusual to have about 12 groups in play.
  • This is a lot of fun - I've played this three times now and it's definitely preferable to the usual race.


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