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When I suggested that you could use stickers as a low-cost expansion, I was assuming stickers printed professionally, onto glossy paper. I'm pretty sure they would be fine on my existing cards - providing I wasn't too worried about them being a bit thicker (and I'm not).

But I agree that they wouldn't be for everyone.



Stickers by steveh123steveh123, 05 Nov 2013 19:01

Actually, you do have to use blanks.
The printing on regular cards shows through the sticker paper, especially on the lighter colours such as white, yellow, orange, etc.
Unless you use particularly thick sticker paper, but that tends to make your homebrews noticeably thicker, meaning they are then effectively 'marked' cards.

Re: Stickers are a good idea by smilie23smilie23, 05 Nov 2013 11:46

Hi - really nice set of cards there, thanks for adding them.

(And I've added the comments module to the bottom of the page, for feedback.)




Excellent! by steveh123steveh123, 29 Oct 2013 15:54

Hi - I've just sent you an invitation to be a member of the site.



Oh, I thought that by having registered here that I was a member, but obviously not…
Can I be a member, please?
I've posted some Homebrew cards at and would love to put 'em here too.

I am looking for just a few INWO: Assassins cards to complete my set.
I need the following:-

Groups -
Drug Companies (Ultra-Rare)
The Thule Group (Ultra-Rare)

Plots -
Drought (Rare)
No Beer! (Ultra-Rare)
Secret Master (Ultra-Rare)
NWO: Watermelons (Rare)

I would much rather trade than buy, so here of the duplicate cards I have to offer in exchange:-

Groups -
Al Amarja (Rare)
Arms Dealers (Rare)
Pale People in Black (Rare)
Science Alarmists (Rare)
Shock Jocks (Rare)

Plots -
Alien Abduction (Rare)
Oil Spill (Rare)
Goal: Population Reduction (Rare)
NWO: Antitrust Legislation (Rare)
NWO: Interesting Times (Rare)

I also have loads of Common and Uncommon cards and a few Rares from the INWO Basic Set - too many to list here.
The full list of wants & trades is on under Ian Wright

If you'd like to trade, please leave a message here.


I've managed to trade for 5 of my needed cards, so ignore the ones I've crossed off.
Yup, I just need No Beer!
Anyone able to help me out?

Re: Rules for Trading by smilie23smilie23, 21 Oct 2013 19:18

I, personally, don't see a problem with playing actually dead characters in the game. After all, isn't it what that character represents that is important — each card is only, in fact a game mechanic, if we are really gonna get down to it.
What about Russia? It isn't Communist anymore. China isn't either, not to any meaningful degree.
Vampires don't actually exist. Neither does Orbit One or Moonbase (as far as I know, anyway).
Bill Clinton and Al Gore don't have any political power to speak of anymore.
I could go on, but I won't.
To me, it doesn't matter that the real people are gone — their ideals on how they wanted to shape the world are what matter, and it's how that plays out in the game which matters.

If you don't agree with any, or even any part, of that…
Who says that the event portrayed in a game of INWO are actually happening TODAY, rather than in the past.

Yes. Well. Hmmmm, ... by smilie23smilie23, 21 Oct 2013 19:03

HI - the rules for the trading forum are very simple: it's all at your risk.

This forum is designed to put potential traders of INWO cards find one another. Once you've found someone who is willing to trade cards, please contact them directly via private message.

Don't share your address here on the public forum!


Rules for Trading by steveh123steveh123, 18 Oct 2013 20:22


Good idea on the trading forum - I've now added a blank forum for that.

As for space to post homebrew cards, the easiest thing is to request membership of the wiki, and then you can create as many pages as you like.


As this is a TRADING Card game, how about a forum where collectors & players could post their wants and spares for trading? (Obviously all trades would have to be at the traders' own risk and you'd need to work out some kind of disclaimer to that effect.)

What a bout a gallery space to post our own home brew cards?

Or a forum so that players might get to find out where other prospective players are so that they might meet up?


I don't have a colour printer, which is the main reason I haven't printed onto stickers. But it's a good idea - and I like your technique.

As I have a huge box of old INWO cards (and how many copies of Switzerland does anyone need?), it did occur to me that a set of stickers would be a relatively low-cost approach for another INWO expansion…



Stickers are a good idea by steveh123steveh123, 14 Sep 2013 20:19

I have made my own cards for several card games — Magic:The Gathering, Fluxx, Munchkin and Super Munchkin — so I've tried a few methods.
The one with the best results I found so far is to print your card onto a large self-adhesive label. Then turn the label face-down onto a clean table top and peel off the backing. The printing card should show through the label so position the blank card face down on top of the sticky-side-up label so that edges match up. Finally, with a pair of sharp paper scissors, trim the label down to the cards edges.
If you want to give the finished card a bit of protection, then coat it with matt varnish spray from a model shop.

How I Make My Own Cards by smilie23smilie23, 12 Sep 2013 23:48

I heard a rumor….

Spielmannsfluch at comcast dot net

Portland OR players? by SpielmannsfluchSpielmannsfluch, 03 Jan 2013 02:12

I had a bit of an advantage - I'd already played the Illuminati game that it was based on, so a lot of the concepts were already very familiar.

I can't imagine trying to learn it from scratch. (It's interesting that you say that MtG was so easy - MtG is a fairly complex game. INWO is so much worse!)


I was able to pick up a whole bunch of these cards on clearance in the late 90's, but was never able to figure this game out. I gave away a few starter sets to friends and none of us could get it. I still have a few hundred cards but still cant get it. I though maybe a youtube video would help, but no such luck. MTG cam along at the same time and that was so easy.

I agree,,, by BobtheNailerBobtheNailer, 22 Jun 2012 16:34

I'm really pleased about this - I've been able to construct a SubGenius deck that holds its own against the other, traditionally stronger, decks. And tonight it beat my Assassins deck, which traditionally has been one of my strongest decks. (It turns Dagobert into a Messiah with lots of Churches to create massive amounts of global power.)

The game wasn't even close - SubGenius has 22 victory points (with 13 groups) while the Assassins could only manage 18 victory points with 15 groups.

It also turns out that the Assassins deck isn't particularly suited to solo play - at least not as the opponent. It relies on being tricky and wily too much. (I suspect the SubGenius deck is similarly flawed - the solo game works best with a relatively straightforward deck.)


SubGenius beat Assassins by steveh123steveh123, 29 Feb 2012 21:18

Just played a very quick solo game that took about 30 minutes. I played the Gnomes of Zurich, in a deck that the more I play it the more it feels like it needs a lot of work. I played against a slick Network deck. I won, mainly because I had a Bavaria goal in my hand which gave me 19 victory points against the Network’s 17. (So if it hadn’t been for that I would have lost.)

Even though the game is tough (particularly the two automatic takeovers it gets, and then the constant interference in your attacks) it can be beaten by careful play and knowing when to end your turn.

I think if I were designing Plan 28 this as a LCG I would only include one goal card (ie other Illuminati) in the decks (because having more than one is wasteful), but I’d have more card control - cards like Crop Circles but powered by other attributes and alignments. Having lots of goal cards in hand is key to winning!


Gnomes beat Network by steveh123steveh123, 27 Feb 2012 21:38

I've been playing with SubGenius over the last couple of weeks and it's been bugging me that a duplicate group can't be used to add an action token to a group if it already has actions. So I've changed that (I can't see it being a big problem.)


We played with some of these this week. Poland came out, and was really handy with a Big Prawned New York. Fiscal Stimulus, Silvio Berlusconi and Single European Currency were in play but didn't significantly affect the game.


This week's game by steveh123steveh123, 09 Oct 2011 11:27
steveh123steveh123 05 Oct 2011 20:54
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » EU theme

Discovered when I played these a couple of errata. I'd inadvertently made Trade Unions Coastal (!) and Federal Europe should say "EU Nations" instead of EU groups.


Errata! by steveh123steveh123, 05 Oct 2011 20:54
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