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This is a themed set I've created using Scribus. I plan to print them out using SuperiorPOD (see Print your own INWO Cards). The images were all taken from the Internet. They're designed for an Uncontrolled Deck. Of course, I could also just use the cards in regular INWO, but I’d have to sleeve them as they’re not exactly the same size as original INWO cards.


  • NWO Purple - Federal Europe: Up to three EU Nations count double when determining victory.
  • NWO Red - Expanding the Union: Any player may spend an Illuminati action to make any Nation a member of the European Union. This change is permanent.
  • NWO Blue - ECB Fiscal Stimulus: EU nations get an extra action token each turn.
  • NWO Yellow - Single European Currency: EU nations can buy plot cards for a single action token.

I’ve created a new category of NWOs just for goals. The idea is that these are related to the theme of the uncontrolled deck and that everyone can benefit. (In terms of the cards below, only Greece and Poland count - so you’ll need to include England, France, Finland, Germany and Italy from the main set. That’s assuming that Expanding the Union doesn’t result in more EU nations…)


  • President of the European Union - Link to any European Government Personality. The President of the European Union gains the following special ability: “Once each turn, The President of the European Union may spend his or her action to make an automatic takeover of an EU nation.” Position
  • British Prime Minister - Link to any British Government Personality. The British Prime Minister gains the following special ability: “The British Prime Minister has +4 for direct control of any British Government group and gets two action tokens every turn.” Position
  • Large Hadron Collider - Strange energies are created in the LHC. You may spend the LHC’s action to look at the top four cards of the uncontrolled deck and put them back in any order on top of the deck, at the bottom, or a combination of both. Unique Gadget Action

Positions: positions are a type of Resource and must be linked to a Personality that meets specific requirements. For example, the President of the European Union must be linked to a Personality that is permanently Government and European. Use common sense when deciding whether a Personality is European (or British, American, etc) or not. Temporary alignment changes do not affect the position, but if a Personality permanently loses the required alignment then the position is lost (and is discarded).

Positions are considered “in play” only when they are linked to a Personality (so a position in the uncontrolled area is not in play). Positions are unique, but if another comes into play then the first one is discarded.

A Personality may be linked to only one position at a time.

Groups - Organisations

  • European Central Bank Bank P5/3 R 6 Government +2 on any attempt to control an EU Nation.
  • International Standards Organisation P1 R4 Government, Straight. As its action, the ISO may draw two cards from the uncontrolled deck and put them into play.
  • Christmas Markets P1/1 R4 Straight. In December, Christmas Markets are everywhere. Gives +4 to control any Nation. The Christmas Markets may give their action token to any group, except an Illuminati.
  • Organic Movement P3 R6 Fanatic Green. The Organic Movement is worth two Green groups for the purposes of declaring victory.

Groups - Places

  • Brussels P6/4 R5 Government. +6 on a direct attack to control an EU Nation.
  • Poland Nation Huge Coastal P2 R6 Government. Poland exports plumbers, builders and other workers to the world. Poland may give its action token to any Place.
  • Greece Nation Coastal P2 R2 Government Liberal Recipient of EU bailouts, Greece never gets an action token during the planning phase. However, as an active move it may take one action from any Bank or EU Nation. It may only do this when it has no action itself.

Groups - Personalities

  • David Cameron P2 R4 Government Straight Conservative. Spend David Cameron’s action to immediately make two more moves.
  • Nick Clegg P1 R2 Government * Nick Clegg is Liberal if controlled by a Liberal group and Conservative if controlled by a Conservative Group. If a plot card requires you or a rival to discard plots from your hand, you may discard Nick Cegg’s action token instead.
  • Nicolas Sarkozy P2 R4 Liberal Government. Spend Nicolas Sarkozy’s action to immediately make two more moves.
  • Silvio Berlusconi P3 R6 Weird Criminal Government. Once per turn Silvio Berlusconi can do something outrageous and remove the action token from a Media group as a free move.

(This set of cards is designed to work as an uncontrolled deck for a two player game. For three players I’d add: Italy, England, France, Germany, Finland and two random NWOs.)


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