By Steve Hatherley

The rules for duplicates always seemed a little restrictive to me (particularly groups and resources). I’m sure there are other things we can do with our duplicate cards as well as use them with plots such as Unmasked and Forgery. So here are some suggestions.

Note that the idea of cancelling an action was first proposed by Ralph Melton as Agents of Ennui. I’ve expanded on the idea - if you can cancel an action, why can’t you reload as well?

I’ve also made using duplicates more consistent. Inconsistent rules are hard to remember and teach - it’s better if everything works the same way.


Groups (including Illuminati): If you have a group card that is a duplicate of a card in play, then you may play the card:

  • at any time to give that group an action token (even if it already has one or more)
  • during an attack against that group to give +10 to the attack or defense (this never applies to Illuminati as they are never directly attacked)
  • to remove an action token from that group
  • to cancel that group’s action.

Resources: If you have a resource card that is a duplicate of a card in play, then you may play the card:

  • at any time to give that resource an action token, even if it already has one or more - but only if it needs action tokens
  • to remove an action token from that resource
  • to cancel that resource’s action.

When a duplicate group or resource is played, it is discarded. Groups and Resources that are played in this way may be cancelled as if they are Plot cards.


I’ve been consistent with the duplicates - so the duplicates generally do the same thing. Rather than have the agents card worth +10 to the attack or +6 to the defense, I’ve kept them both the same to keep things simple. (I’ve only very rarely seen an agents card played for the defense anyway.)

I’ve also removed the restriction that says the owner of the group can’t play it as an agents card. Yes, I understand the logic but as far as I’m concerned consistency and simplicity is more important. (And if I wanted to be logical, I would argue that having a copy of a group in your hand that you already control represents additional Illuminati investment in that group, making it harder to take over.)

Yes, theoretically you could cancel your own action. I can’t think of a reason why you’d want to.

Using group cards as reloads may result in plot decks being stacked with Illuminati cards as reloads. (I’ve not tried it yet.) We always play with a “three plot cards maximum in your deck” rule, so I can’t see it being a problem. If you don’t have restrictions on your deck building, you might want to omit that.

Other ideas: Revealing a group face-up means you are immune to it. I am not proposing this because I want to keep things simple.


I can’t think of any rules or abilities that are affected by this.

Repent becomes distinctly less powerful, although with Repent you will end up with multiple action tokens on your Illuminati, which you can’t get with this variant.


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